• Hy my name is Irisblues and works like modelcam

    Working in this adult industry is  a subject that is either avoided at all cost . I have been working and researching the industry since I was 22. I began working in the industry a eight years ago as a cam model. Meaning I sit comfortable on my room and turn on my webcam and perform sexual acts for money alone. Nothing that I do has caused any sort of influence on my life, but some people look at me as though I am a pariah ,when they find out what I do. When people think of the adult industry, they think of highly sexual or a slutty girl .

    In my real life, I live a pretty  life. I live at home with my family. Most days, watching movies and play game. I had very crazy relationships that lasted very little. I will start the school  in a few months (and yes, camming will be my way to pay for school). I go out with my family on excursions and amusement parks and live life like anyone else would. Nothing affected my daily routine. When people find out what I do, they assume they think I'm a whore or have sex with everyone I meet. I am looked at like the “classic whore” with no respect.

    When I'm online I deal with awful men who can be rude, with no fear or care of my feelings. I have rough days at work, like a  “regular job."

    When I go out the mall in the evening I look at new clothes  and how to be sexy and beautiful on the webcam

    Before you judge me and be bad with me, thinking it's normal job, There are days when I love this job, but there are days when I hate and I'm very upset, I work hard  just as much as someone with a desk job.

    I am a fun and life-filled person I like to make new friends, come see me and have fun together

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